Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lazy Weekend

So, it turns out I didn't get much done yesterday on the knitting front. I knitted in the car (even got to claim the front seat and make dad sit in the back so I didn't stab the dog) but didn't have a chance until that evening, and by that point I was so exhausted I just slept.

I did get the ribbing done

And earlier in the week I made myself a little bag to put it all in

Also on the needles (the same needles actually, which is why the sock is on waste yarn) is a fun wee knit that I'm testing, using this

I'm hoping that if I power through the rest of today, I can get the first part of the knit done and blocking before the week starts and classes with it, they do have a habit of sucking up lots of time and energy.

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