Friday, February 22, 2013

A Lake in Geneva

I'm just about to burst with excitement, I have some lovely FOs to show, but they're test knits, and since the patterns haven't gone live yet, I'm going to have to hold my horses for a little while.

Test knitting and I seem to get along well, the little bit of pressure is really helpful for staying on task, and I'm learning many a thing. One of the things I'm learning very quickly os the art of ripping back.

For a long time, when I noticed I'd made a mistake in my knitting, I would studiously avoid looking at it and mutter 'she'll be right' under my breath. I blame my Kiwi upbringing. I didn't know how to tink, or pick up dropped stitches, or really how to fix any problems, which led to me fudging the instructions and making something I wasn't all that proud of. With test knitting though, I have to get it right, I have to make sure that I follow the instructions. So I learnt the art of going backward, and it is good.

It might also have something to do with the fact I did my first steek last week. Nothing's scary after chopping your knitting down the middle.

Tomorrow's quite exciting; I'm going out to a little lake with the family and the boat to swim and kneeboard and relax. They've gone out a few times over the summer, but it tends to be on a Sunday, when I'm working. With this in mind, my auntie shifted things around so that we can go tomorrow and I can join in, it's going to be a great day.

I do of course, have to pick what knitting I'm taking with me. I have a hat on the needles that has a really neat construction, though, perhaps too neat for lazy lakeside knitting. I also have a mitt on the needles (did I mention I conquered DPNs? Did I?), but that's have gauge issues, so I'm going to lifeline it and run off with the needles and my Christmas yarn (the sunny yellow stuff that was hiding in the haul post) and see if I can't join in the Business Casual KAL.

I best go get sorted!

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