Thursday, June 21, 2012

The trick to frozen vegies

Frozen vegies are great. So long as they're frozen fresh, they're almost as good as fresh, they don't go mouldy in the fridge and they're usually all cut up for you. Brilliant. The only problem I've ever had with frozen vege is some vegies, particularly broccoli/cauliflower and beans don't cook up very well. Beans go mushy and the heads of the broccoli and cauliflower end up still full of cold water.

Because of this, I usually only use carrots and peas in their frozen form, but tonight I was doing stir-fry and only had a frozen winter vegie mix to use. I decided to experiment.

What I discovered, is that if you chuck your vegies in a colander or strainer and run hot water over them (or soak them in hot water) for a few minutes, then leave them to drain for about ten minutes, when you cook them up they are just as crisp and delicious as fresh!

I'm glad I've figured this out, because it opens up a whole heap of options for cooking, and an empty fridge no longer necessitates a hurried trip to the store.

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