Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Peacocks and bears, it's a zoo in here!

What a productive few days I've had. Last week I made myself a stash bag to keep all my yarn and projects in.

photo (6)

It's made with some gorgeous peacock printed fabric that I picked up for $10 a metre, and the stash bag pattern from the Purl Bee.

Yesterday and today was spent working on this little beauty:

photo (3)

The hat itself was made with the Shepherd Baby Merino that I've been umming and ahhing over, using this basic beanie pattern, and I made up the pattern for the ears myself.

In addition to this, a Very Exciting Thing happened yesterday -- the wool shop is having a sale! And not just any sale, the whole shop is full of cardboard boxes bursting with wool. Mama and I, managed yesterday, among other things, managed to pick up numerous balls of Merino/Cashmere wool in pretty neutrals and warm colours, for $3.90 a ball! I'm losing the light right now, but I'll try and grab a photo of our yarns tomorrow.


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