Saturday, January 19, 2013

Zero Displacement

This last week has resulted in absolutely no progress. I've knitted a lot, that's for sure, but I've also jumped from project to project, ripping back behind me.

I realised last night that my problem may be that it's been so long since I finished something (not all my fault, did I mention my dog sat on and broke some of my needles?) that I feel like I can't. So I looked at the last thing I did finish, which was a hat. Hats are easy. There's only one of them, no casting off to speak of, and your stitch count decreases as you continue. Makes the home stretch much more manageable.

I cast on a hat. The Brambles Beret to be exact. It's designed for worsted weight yarns, but, being in NZ, I have none of those about. I do, however, have some magenta 4ply merino that I'm going to try doubled. It doesn't work, well, I'll deal with that then.

So I cast on the hat. I've cast on a fair few hats, and a lot of socks. I'm no expert but I'm pretty familiar with casting on in the round, which means there really isn't a reason why I didn't notice until seven rows of 1x1 ribbing later that I was knitting a mobius strip.

I ripped. I swore. I fondled some delicious silk-merino to soothe my soul, drank coffee to steel myself, and I'm casting on again.

Wish me luck?

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